Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reflection Number 1

When looking at SIS options I chose this class because it seemed the most relevant and informative to current events, as well as being interesting. We as American students are not taught much about the Arab world and the traditions and religions that come from it. We have a skewed view of what people from the Arab world are like, only being exposed to news of terrorists and nothing of the culture. I wanted to better understand a part of the world that I know nothing about. I love to travel and have never been drawn to that part of the world because it is not a place often discussed when talking about traveling. From what i can tell the culture is so much different from mine and i would love to better understand it. Since i was only 6 when 9/11 happened i believe i was raised in a time of complete turmoil and misunderstanding of the Arab world. My parents did not plant any ideas in my head but i heard enough in the news as i grew up to form a negative image of people from the Arab world as men with big black beards and hateful eyes bombing the U.S.. Of course when the country is in so much pain after a huge attack like 9/11, they lash out and refuse to acknowledge any other part of Arab culture. I learned nothing growing up about the real people from the Arab world; what they eat, what they wear, how their religions really work. I look foreword to having this class as an opportunity to show me the things i missed as i grew up in such a dramatic time for American and Arab relationships.