Friday, March 4, 2016

Reflection 3

I was unable to go to the concert on wednesday because of a class, but I am so glad I was able to see the musicians and hear about them a little bit on thursday. Every one of them brought such a positive vibe and joy for what they do. The drumming was really amazing, I had never heard a talking drum before and it was a very unique sound. It is really interesting how the talking drum used to be a major form of communication in Senegal. One of the musicians discussed how it used to be that the talking drum was used to communicate between villages, before telephones were around. The tradition of playing the talking drum is passed down in families and used to be a very important skill to have. The man who was playing it told us that he learned from his father but that his son does not have an interest in learning from him. With the modernization of culture and media everywhere, the importance of the tradition of the talking drum is diminishing. That makes me think of how the oral tradition of storytelling in Islam has died out a bit with the rise of internet and tv. People put less value on those seemingly "outdated" ways of communication and passing on of tradition.
The discussion of Muslims on Senegal was interesting. The Muslims who live in Senegal do not need to abide by any dress code. They are not easily identifiable and do not wear traditional clothing the way Muslims in some other places do. They pray and are devoted to God but the only really important part of being a Muslim in Senegal, as was said to us in the lecture, are praying and helping others. One of the men said "Muslim is not in your clothes or shoes. Muslim is in your heart".

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