Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Report 4

I found an article from the Palestinian News Network about Israeli settlers militarizing to attack Bedouin Palestinians in the West Bank. The Bedouins in Palestine have formed close-knit communities and the infiltration by Israeli soldiers puts them in a very dangerous position. The head of the committee for protecting Bedouins said that this will increase violence against them. The Israeli army announced gathering settlers from around the West Bank to monitor the Bedouin communities. The reason the Israeli soldiers were given permission to do this it because the Bedouins have been accused of living there illegally. The article mentions that the Bedouins that live under Israeli military administration have been suffering invasions and other violations at the hand of the Israelis for many years. They have been under constant threat of displacement, and what I find to be most ridiculous is the fact that the Bedouins are accused of living on the West Bank illegally but the Israeli settlers who are actually living there illegally are getting all of the benefits of a legal citizen. I don’t know all of the history behind this conflict but it is interesting to me how the Israeli forces were able to invade the Bedouins just on the suspicion that they were living there illegally, with no proof. It is true that most power is abused. The Israeli army has the power in this situation so they are using it to falsely accuse in order to achieve the result of being able to infiltrate the Bedouin communities.

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