Monday, April 11, 2016

Reflection 6

The Lecture Dr.Leahy gave was incredibly interesting. She presented with a lot of enthusiasm and clearly stated all of the reasons for the tension between the USA and the Middle East. I knew very little about our involvement with the middle east except that i knew it was a big issue and that our relationship is not very positive. In learning about the issue between Israel and Palestine in previous classes and lectures i had a new appreciation for how ridiculous it is for the US to support the Israeli army, especially when we don't support other dictatorships and governments that violate human rights the way the Israelis do. We give 40% of our aid to Israel but they have one of then highest incomes and do not need our money. One of the few things i knew about the US and the Middle East was our invasion of Iraq. What i did not know was that the claim that there were WMD's was false and a cover for the real reason to invade which was mostly for oil and to spread Westernization. The Middle East has a very negative image of the US, rightly so, because we only interfere when it is in our interest. We look to gain things from our relations with them and disregard the harm we are causing. When we cut funding to places in the middle east they lose food and jobs. The US also indirectly harms the middle east through their dealings with Israel because many of the horrifying acts perpetrated by the Israeli Defense Force are only possible through our funding of them. an example of this is The Battle of Jenin when the entire Jenin refugee camp was demonished and civilians were killed because of a suspected terrorist threat. I believe that the middle east has every right to the anti-American sentiment we hear about based on all of these atrocities committed by the US and Israel which it funds completely      

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