Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Report 6

Alaa Al Aswany is an Egyptian author who wrote and still writes articles in Egyptian newspapers as well as being a novelist. In his novel "The Yacoubian Building" he criticized Egyptian government and displayed its  corrupt ways. His book and later the movie based off of it, was one of the only dissenting pieces of literature about Egyptian government, discussing the rigging of elections and other taboo topics. It is believed that his book sparked the Egyptian revolution in 2011 because it brought attention to the issues in the government. Aswany was also one of the most prominent people during the revolution although it had no real leader. He was there when the president resigned during the revolution. He also confronted and questioned the newly appointed president and got him so flustered and out of control that he was fired. Aswany had a large role in the education of Egyptian citizens and brought to light the many issued with the government. He was a key part of the beginning of the revolution and remained a strong supporter of the revolution.

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